Father Saunière domain

St Mary Magdalene’s church

Be sure to check the different strange apects of the Mary Magdalene church. More than just a piece of history, some hidden messages are engraved in the stones. Before coming in the church, you may be warned by such writing “Terribilis este locus iste”, which means this place is terrible, terrible meaning strong, powerful and great…
St Mary Magdalene in Rennes le chateau

The presbytery

Physically attached to the church, the old presbytery has today been turned into the Bérenger Saunière Museum. Here you can learn more about this astonishing parish priest and his discoveries, and also about developments since his death. Information panels, archival material, furnishings, scale models and video projections carry you into the heart of the enigma that is Rennes-le-Château.

The original Carolingian altar pillar

The original Carolingian altar pillar that may have contained mysterious documents.

The Carolingian Knights’ Stone

The Carolingian Knights’ Stone uncovered by the priest in 1887 (and beneath which, it is said, Father Saunière discovered a pot of gold coins and a skull pierced by a hole).

The villa Bethany

Discover the Villa Bethany, a very smart residence to which the priest attached a glazed private chapel.

Magdala Tower

Climb right to the top of the emblematic Magdala Tower, Father Saunière’s library and office, with its turrets and spiral staircase in the Gothic Revival style

The garden

Walking through the garden, you might want to take a glance at the beautiful orange trees, winter garden of Father Saunière.
When the nice weather comes, you will be able to discover Father Saunière rose collections and take a break in the garden on a bench

The museum shop

At the end of your visit, why not spend time browsing in our museum shop? Here you will find the English edition of the official guide to Father Saunière’s Domain, along with other books on Rennes-le-Château, postcards and souvenir items. We also have a vending machine for hot and cold drinks and outdoor seating in the courtyard in fine weather.


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