Father Saunière domain and the church

Father Saunière museum and gardens  are open every day!

Opening hours:

AUGUST 2022: 10AM-6:30PM


from the first to the  11th : 10AM-6h30PM

16-17-18 september (Heritage days):  10AM-6:30PM

from the 12th to the 30th: 10AM-12:30 AM/ 1:30PM-6PM

Entrance Price:


-Free for children under 10 years old

Services: Tour with the tablet with English subtitles: 8€/tablet

Next treasure hunt for families, in English:

  • Every Tuesday in July and August 2022: 10:30AM. 5€/adult and 4€/child.

Guided tour in English:                                                                                                      For the moment only for groups (min 10 people-8€/pers). Please, book your guided tour by writing to: tourisme.rlc@orange.fr


The museum is an atypical architectural complex built by Abbé Saunière between 1900 and 1910. A visit to this historic site includes the elements described below.

Magdala Tower

The Magdala Tower is the emblematic town building ( neo-Gothic style). The visit allows you to enter the tower to discover the priest’s former library and to climb onto the crenellated platform.

The glass tower and wall

As you reach the glass tower, you will enjoy an incredible panorama of the upper Aude valley. The magnificent Abbé Saunière’s winter garden, will welcome your thoughts, soothed by this haven of peace.


Discover the Villa Bethany, a very smart residence to which the priest attached a glazed private chapel.

The gardens

Walking through the garden, you might want to take a glance at the beautiful orange trees, winter garden of Father Saunière.
When the nice weather comes, you will be able to discover Father Saunière rose collections and take a break in the garden on a bench


The presbytery – MUSEUM

Physically attached to the church, the old presbytery has today been turned into the Bérenger Saunière Museum. Here you can learn more about this astonishing parish priest and his discoveries, and also about developments since his death. Information panels, archival material, furnishings, scale models and video projections carry you into the heart of the enigma that is Rennes-le-Château.

The original Carolingian altar pillar

The original Carolingian altar pillar that may have contained mysterious documents.

The Carolingian Knights’ Stone

The Carolingian Knights’ Stone uncovered by the priest in 1887 (and beneath which, it is said, Father Saunière discovered a pot of gold coins and a skull pierced by a hole).

The museum shop


The museum free access shop, offers local products, postcards and souvenirs.

You will also find many books on the complete history of Bérenger Saunière, as well as books on history, esotericism, Marie Madeleine, comics and local novels.

No shop online.


ACTUALLY IN THE GARDENS: The marble sculptures of the exhibition “Féminin” by Christian Jacques can be discovered in the gardens of the museum domaine de l’abbé Saunière until 15 November 2022.Your 

St Mary Magdalene’s church

Free access. Be sure to check the different strange apects of the Mary Magdalene church. More than just a piece of history, some hidden messages are engraved in the stones. Before coming in the church, you may be warned by such writing “Terribilis este locus iste”, which means this place is terrible, terrible meaning strong, powerful and great…

St Mary Magdalene in Rennes le chateau


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